Watermelon Cucumber Refreshing Sipper

 You know how cleaning out your
refrigerator can lead to 
using up the items in a fresh new way?

Well, today I'm sharing one of those
times that resulted in a new creative concoction!

When you slice up a watermelon
there is a lot of pink near the rind
that sometimes can go to waste.

Once you try this refreshing little sipper
you'll never waste that part again!

I call it my

Watermelon Cucumber Refreshing Sipper

Scrape the watermelon with a spoon,
and put the results in a blender.
I got about 24 ounces of pink stuff.
Then plop in four 1/2-inch slices of cucumber,
a tablespoon of honey,
3 ice cubes,
and push blend.

Pour into a fancy glass
and garnish with a cucumber slice


The perfect, refreshing combination
on a warm day!

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