Mood Boards: First Step for Room Design

Where do you start when you approach 

a room makeover?

I start by thinking about how I want myself
and others to feel while in the space.
This, of course, takes into account
the function of the room.

Do you need the space predominantly to feel and to be....

Calming: peaceful, serene, cool, inviting quiet reflection...

Organized: neat, linear, efficient, high-paced, cheerful...

Organic: natural, warm, inviting connection, empathy and health...

Zestful: vibrant, quirky, energetic, creative, inviting playful imagination...

A mood board is a visual tool 

to quickly communicate the overall 
"feel" or "flow" an artist is trying to achieve.

Use them for planning
a room makeover, 
to explain a storyline, setting,
character or other creative endeavor.
They convey much planning information 
in a concise and fun way.
Which of these mood boards 
are you most drawn to?

Stay tuned for my 

office makeover!

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