Vintage Clothespins: Vogue!

I couldn't help myself with that "Vogue!" title.

What else are you going to do when you're
enamored with a little collection
of beautifully aged and patinaed
vintage clothespins?

You do a photo shoot of course!

And this little chorus line
struck many a pose...

Which is very fitting, because...
V is for Vintage.
V is for Vogue.
They're kinda shaped like a V.

This little collection has me feeling
nostalgic for days of
sheets flapping on the clothesline,
mom in her curlers
{sorry for telling on you Mom}
having coffee with the neighbor ladies,
while I ran barefoot back and forth 
from swing set to porch.

Funny what a simple little clothespin can evoke.

Want to share the nostalgia?
Click HERE for a free vintage clothespin printable
for your laundry room!


Katalina Jewelry said...

Sweet memories!

Bliss said...

I have two jars full of old clothes pins, so I'm gonna have to pop over and check out the projects to see what I can see.


Cindy Eikenberg, Little Miss Celebration said...

I love old clothespins! I have some too, including some old springy type ones that I made into a wall tree over Christmas. Great inspiration to do some more "pin" projects!

Stephanie said...

I'd love some like that for decorating my little laundry space in the garage!

ChrisW Designs said...

Oh I want some of those old clothes pins....sure brings back old memories! Christine
- ChrisW Designs

Lani @ Simply Fresh Vintage said...

How fun! I would love to have a few of those ... know exactly what I'd do with them too. Thanks for sharing :)

Simply Fresh Vintage

Donna Wilkes said...

I can hear my granny yelling, "Do not run through my clean sheets!" She used to make us dolls with these pins.

Eclectic Red Barn said...

I too love old clothes pins. However, I use mine to hang clothes with. Here in Florida, I hardly ever put any clothes in the dryer - only towels. There is nothing like the smell of sheets when they have been hanging on the clothesline.
Have a great week,
@ Eclectic Red Barn