Happy Father's Day!

Dads teach us about perseverance, strong work ethic, courage, among so many other things. Thanks, Dad!
This collage was created on a transparency –actually recycled plastic packaging—and looks super cool in real life. It is impossible to capture in a photo the layering and perspective and movement that happens when viewing the card sitting on the table with all these elements “floating” on a transparent medium. You gotta create one and see for yourself! 
Because the card itself is transparent, you have four layers to play with. Some elements are adhered to the top of the front flap, some behind it; same with the back flap.

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Q:  What creative legacy did your father confer on you?

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Jean Montgomery Wallace said...

My father did two major things to foster my creativity (at least.) First he provided me a base of safety and security that allowed me to play without fear. Second, he loved me and enjoyed my out of the box imagination even though he couldn't share it in his own day to day responsibleness. Thank you daddy.