Vintage Clothespins: Vogue!

I couldn't help myself with that "Vogue!" title.

What else are you going to do when you're
enamored with a little collection
of beautifully aged and patinaed
vintage clothespins?

You do a photo shoot of course!

And this little chorus line
struck many a pose...

Which is very fitting, because...
V is for Vintage.
V is for Vogue.
They're kinda shaped like a V.

This little collection has me feeling
nostalgic for days of
sheets flapping on the clothesline,
mom in her curlers
{sorry for telling on you Mom}
having coffee with the neighbor ladies,
while I ran barefoot back and forth 
from swing set to porch.

Funny what a simple little clothespin can evoke.

Want to share the nostalgia?
Click HERE for a free vintage clothespin printable
for your laundry room!

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