First Blog Giveaway!

This is a first for my blog! I was inspired to do this give-away when I saw the plaintive plea of Liz, who asked her group of friends if they had any books they'd like to trade.

Her plea, "I'd give anything for a good book!" won over my heart as a sentiment to be admired. (Indeed, you might remember my recent post on bookmarks and books vs. kindles vs. audiobooks)

So...I had this bookmark on hand and thought it was just perfect to add to her reading enjoyment.  And she accepted.

The give-away certainly added to my enjoyment!

Therefore, once my blog has 25 followers, I plan to draw from your names for my next give-away. If you know anyone who might enjoy this humble little blog, invite them to come check it out and sign up as a follower! 

If you want each post emailed to you when it comes out so that you don't have to remember to come to the website, you will additionally want to sign up for the email listserve. However, I have no way of knowing who is signed up to receive emails, so in order for your name to be placed in the drawing, you would need to show up as a follower.

Q: When's the  last time you were surprised with a little gift?
Hello to my visitors from the Netherlands!

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