Cheeky Aprons

Get ready for a cheeky Mother’s Day!  Today I put a saucy twist on an iconic accessory of motherhood: the apron. These altered aprons bloom with color and verve this early spring. 
vintage ad images are cropped, paired with a sassy saying, and inkjet printed on special fabric

I have the fondest memories of my Granny wrapping one of her many beautiful aprons around my little waist as we prepared to make chocolate chip cookies. With her tender way, she made it such a loving and lovely ritual.

And yet I also grew up in a time when my mother couldn’t secure her own small bank loan simply because she was female, even though she brought in her own steady paycheck. Thankfully that shifted while I was growing up.

These aprons reflect a bit of the spicy dichotomy many women experience: a 'pull' toward and celebration of the nurturer’s role, and a 'push' away from being confined and solely defined by it. Added is an ode to the caffeine it often takes to be able to manage it all.

Perfectly sassy, these women bring out a playfulness when it's time to break out the nurturer!

Q: Speaking of caffeine, what's your favorite vice? Speaking of sass, when are you apt to be a bit cheeky?  
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