Work Your Imagination

Summer bliss has me imagining how to incorporate more of that playfulness into my work days throughout the year.  I decided to inspire myself by altering a little notebook.

 I saw a card similar to this once and loved the idea of the child riding a fish - so whimsical! And it reminds us to 'go with the flow.' The wings whisper of our beauty. They show how our ideas and ideals elevate us and allow us to take flight. Of course, there has to be a magic wand! If we remember to pay attention to life's synchronicities and serendipities, we stay tuned in to the magic. 

 Tying the spine with colorful ribbon provides a final soft touch to what can otherwise be a hard-driving work day.

This little notebook makes it a joy to create your 'to do' list!

Q: If your "To Do's" start feeling like "have to's," what strategies do you use to shift that and see them as opportunities to express creativity? 

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