Healing Wishes

Another successful surgery for a loved one is cause for joy! This card celebrates healing with lots of layers and symbolism. The background stamp is a telegram sending healing thoughts, with dandelions emphasizing the abundant wishes for wellness. 
Of course, the telegram is sent via love post. A homey edge of rickrack brings an intimate, cozy feel. A few simple dot and flower stickers add interest. The butterfly signals the ultimate success in healing. 
The woman delivering flowers and the butterfly are elevated with glue pop dots to give dimension. You can see it better here where the angle of the sun casts shadows for the raised elements.
And this little friend happened to be right where I took these photos, reminding us to be gentle and slow during the healing process.
 Thank you for the reminder!

Q: What most helps you in the healing process?


Aubrey said...

Inspiration helps me most in my healing process.

I usually think of healing like the closing of a wound, but my own "illness" is something different than a wound. A wound closes and either regenerates or scars. Ideally, it would go back to what it was before the injury:or at least appear to be the same.

The healing process of my "illness" feels more like a path I'm walking. I won't go back and I don't really know where the path leads for sure. Some actions feel like they move me further along the path quickly while others leave me questioning if I am making any progress at all?

Where was I going again?

I have a feeling of a future me. I get glimpses of her: joyful and peaceful. I check in with her whenever I get overwhelmed with what is.

That is when inspiration helps most. Whether it comes from my my imagination, out of my loved ones or through a discovery of some meaningful information that points me to a solution, being inspired keeps me walking down that path.

What a beautiful and happy card this is....the woman looks nestled safely under her hat, deliberately holding the flowers to her heart and looking up...and the HUGE butterfly is so close to her and she doesn't even see it...

Thank you for this expression of healing! So perfect! A usual. :)

Christina said...

Inspiration, imagination, an open path that allows space for 'not knowing,' and continuing to take one step at a time...thank you for YOUR expression of healing! Also so perfect :)