Chic Lunch Bag

This 'chic' lunch bag is inspired by sweet vintage images and fabrics, recycled jeans, belt, and...can you guess it? An insulated lining is made from a tattered windshield sunshade. Here's the finished lunch bag!

I especially love the way the jean pocket can hold your napkin and silverware...
...and how the little coin pocket can hold dessert!

Chic Lunch Bag Directions, Part Two:

Follow the directions from  *PART ONE here*

Cut out two squares for your sides, and a long strip of fabric for the top, and sew these onto the main panel created in the previous post
When you join the top piece, leave a hole in the seam to thread ribbon or binding through so you can gather the bag closed.

Now it's time to create the insulated lining. Cut a long strip to serve as the circumference of the bag, and a rectangle nearly the same size as the bottom of your lunch bag. 
Sew the circumference onto the bottom, and then create seams up each of the four sides so it will keep its shape.  
Now just place the liner inside your lunch bag. It will give shape to the bag, keep your lunch cool/warm on your commute, and can be removed so you can wash the bag and wipe down the insulated liner.
Use an old belt to create handles, and attach with short screws and nuts so it will go through the thickness of the jean seams.


Jean Montgomery Wallace said...

I made chirstmas Stockings out of DAve's old jeans with pockets for candy canes and caramels. They weren't as spirited as your lunch box but certainly fun. The kids decoraed their own with fabric paint. They have lasted forever.

ShabbyKat said...

I love this- one of the best I've seen- I definitely want one

Christina said...

Thank you so much, ShabbyKat! Looks like you have a lot of projects going with your remodel. And Jean, I love the idea of the Christmas stockings--I'll have to try that out!

Sew Country Chick said...

That is such a cool and original upcycling idea!