Letter & Card Pouch

This sweet little pouch will hang prettily on a doorknob to hold your letters, cards, knitting, sewing kit, and so much more.
Cut out a bottom segment of a wire hanger and re-bend the corners to get the size you need for the pouch. Accent the hanger with an antique-looking button and ribbons. Besides recycling hangers, the pouch is a perfect opportunity to give new use to old jeans, scraps of lace, ribbon and material.
Print a vintage photo on transfer paper, trim closely, and iron it onto muslin to create a visual focal point. Use permanent ink to stamp and color wings on muslin, lightly stuff, and sew with gold thread.  Create an interesting and textured collage by layering the focal image on top of tulle, coordinating fabrics (fray the edges for added detail), ribbons, flowers, more beads and fancy stitching. Create a second pocket with a wider bit of lace, beaded trim and fabric cutouts. 

With electronic communications so ubiquitous, handwritten cards and letters deserve a special storage place.

Q: When do you intentionally create handwritten communications these days?

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Sew Country Chick said...

I have to tell you I think your mixed media sewing projects are just beautiful! I am inspired to try something like this.