Congratulations, Graduate!

Maybe like me, you are beaming with pride to watch a loved one step across that stage and accept the diploma that represents years of work.

Rather than settling for the usual literal images of caps and diplomas, punch 7 squares out of newspaper, ink the edges with red, and layer them onto slightly larger black squares to represent those mortarboard caps. Rotate the squares so that the newspaper text points in various directions to evoke that time-worn tradition of caps being flung in the air at the end of the graduation ceremony. Adhere red letters spelling out “Big News” on the squares. The featured strip of squares showcasing photos of your loved one from toddler to grown up is the grand finale. A button adds a celebratory note, while the tassel attached to the side completes the theme.

Or here’s a vintage twist that captures the new beginning a graduation represents.

For this card, layer a vintage image of a woman with the stamped and inked image of the globe, vellum cloud stickers, and several background papers. The stamped sentiment on the ribbon implies the graduate is “the pearl,” emphasized by gluing a pearl to her necklace. Stud her head scarf with sparkles to extend the ethereal charm of this composition.

Graduations are about accomplishments, endings and new beginnings.  A time to reflect and celebrate… A time to gather one’s energies for the next chapter in life.

Q:  Even if you’re not wearing the cap this season, what ‘graduation’ is life presenting to you?

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