Celebrate With Style

When I was in 2nd grade, our teacher had us make crowns with glitter and color paper to wear on our birthday.  I LOVED those crowns. 
Sewing project: birthday crown made of fleece
Unfortunately, I shared my birth date with a boy and we were teased all day for being ‘married’ as ‘king and queen.’ A little older and that would’ve been fun; at the time it was just embarrassing. Oh well.  

she's too cute to show!
I still loved the crown and just had to make a fabric version for a dear wee one in my life who turned one year old this week!  I wanted to bling this baby up. But, worrying about choking hazards, I consoled myself with the thought of another chance when she’s older.

A few years ago, I made a grown-up version to celebrate a friend who had helped found a fabulous program. For this one, I recycled a pizza box, cutting it to shape, adding layers of fancy papers, varnish, and doodads until it became a regal ‘sculpture.’

3D Collage: papers, stickers, ribbon, foil, stamps, doodads

     I think a crown every now and then is a mandatory accoutrement—don’t you?

     Speaking of 2nd grade: remember when we had no fear and knew ourselves as creative artists? That was wisdom!

   Glitter, crayons, glue, daisy chains… okay, some of us ate the glue, but I think those were budding gourmands.

Q:  Share with us: when’s the last time you created fearlessly like a second-grader? What would help you do that again?


Miss Patty said...

Christina -- I thought that I left a comment yesterday, but I don't see it. Anyway, I have been blessed with several of your creations which I love .... one of my favorites is the 60th birthday card you made for me - and you chose my very favorite picture. Some day, I will try my creativity .... maybe with your help !! Love, Aunt Patty

Christina said...

Oooo! Wouldn't it be fun to pick some kind of theme or project and have a "Creation Tea Party" or PJ party or patio party or some such thing with a group of friends? I'd love to help pull that off and see us all express our creativity!

Mindy said...

i love this! you are so creative! im your newest follower! you can stop by my blog if you have time :)