Welcome! What propels you to say: "I Gotta Create!"?

For you creative types: is it inevitable we find ourselves venturing into the big, wide 'virtual' world to share our creations? Even if you had doubts about having enough time, having to learn a whole new set of tools, and tendencies toward introversion, did you find those barriers gave way to that urge that proclaims, "I GOTTA CREATE!!"?

For me, that urge is quickened by those of you already 'out there' inspiring us all with your creations. I humbly join your ranks today. Thank you for being irrepressibly you.

And thank you for exploring this new space: a fresh creation in its own right.  May the range of designs that will be shared here --from collaging, to sewing, to cards and rubber stamping, to musings-- inspire you to express even more of your own creativity. My aim is to learn about this medium and its tools, while putting a little more joy, humor, beauty and good will out there in the ethers. 

Share with us: what pushes, pulls or moves you from the space of dreaming and imagining into the space of: "I gotta create!!"?  We can't wait to hear what you have to say! Take the quick poll below. [poll is now closed; results below] And click on the 'comments' to see and join the conversation.

I'm moved to actually create...

when I see something that inspires me

when it's for someone else

when I get lots of encouragement

when I'm up against deadlines


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