How to Make a Peppermint Plate or Platter

Make an edible plate out of starlight #peppermints! | peppermint platter tutorial at I Gotta Create!

...Talk about your childhood wishes
You could even eat the dishes*...
Ok, I know that's an old song and
these candy plates have been floating 
around the blogosphere for awhile, too!
But I've been wanting
to make a Starlight Mint platter
and see for myself that it works.

It does work!

So... here's my version of

How to Make A Peppermint Plate:

Make an edible plate out of starlight #peppermints! | peppermint platter tutorial at I Gotta Create!

Using a springform pan
ensures that your plate will be
perfectly round with a nice, thick edge.

Just line the pan with parchment paper,
fill the bottom with one layer of peppermints,
and put in a 350 degree oven
for 5 to 8 minutes.

Keep an eye on your mints.
When they look melted flat
remove the pan from the oven 
and allow to cool completely.
Then take the bottom out of the pan

An edible plate for your
holiday treats!

Be sure to check out my new, green
Scalloped Peppermint Plate version, too!

Make an edible plate out of starlight #peppermints! | peppermint platter tutorial at I Gotta Create!

Can't wait to use it!

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Edible Winter Forest

*Candyman lyrics by Keith Sweat, Edward Riley, Daniel Thomas, Jevon Webster

Make an edible plate out of starlight #peppermints! | peppermint platter tutorial at I Gotta Create!

Thank you to Living Chic on the Cheap
for linking up at my linky party and inspiring me to try this.


  1. Did you use any kind of sealant to avoid pests?
    Also, it looks like the plate is on some kind of pedestal - did you make a base for the plate?


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