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Vintage Cassette Case Vase Tutorial

Today I'm sharing with you another 
music-themed DIY project from my 
wedding series: 

Groovy! Cassette case vase tutorial ~ great conversation centerpiece at a music theme #party or #wedding | Tutorial at I Gotta Create!

Wind up with a great conversation piece 
for a music-themed
party, wedding or shower
using old cassette cases!

Each vase or centerpiece is like
time capsule ~ a blast from the past ~
sure to provoke smiles and reminiscing

Let's go retro and get started with

How to Make a Vintage Cassette Case Vase

Vinyl Record Cupcake Stand Tutorial

How to make a Vintage #Record #Cupcake Stand! I love this idea for a #wedding or #birthday. | #music theme #tutorial at I Gotta Create!

Turn up the tunes
and break out the goodies!

It's time to go retro and learn:

How to Make A
Vintage Record Cupcake Stand 

I've assembled an easy - to - follow
photo friendly tutorial
with all the steps for making your own
inexpensive vinyl record dessert stand. 

Let's get started…

Turn Plastic Food Containers into Pretty Planters

Seems like everything comes in plastic now.

Recycle most of it, but also have fun 

upcycling plastic food containers
into pretty planters!

What's more, I will show you how
with just a few simple steps you can
mix and match them around to 
constantly create fresh color combinations.

When you have 
all those starter plants that need repotting,
this is a pretty, earth-friendly and inexpensive way
to get the job done. 

Here's how to turn plastic containers like
yogurt tubs into pretty planters:

Upcycled Totes from Feed Bags

Upcycled Totes from Feed Bags featured at I Gotta Create!

Creativity and recycling
are two of my favorite things.

And when that results in something
beautiful, whimsical and functional,
you can bet it gets my 5-star seal of approval!

Upcycled Totes from Feed Bags featured at I Gotta Create!

These bags are all that
and a bag of potato chips, too.
Actually... they were feed bags.
And they're super cool!
Check this out...

Life's Just Dandy!

Children love them for making wishes.  Others cultivate them for the nutritional greens. Lawn manicurists curse them as weeds. But ya gotta admit the Dandelion has its charm!

Such an unassuming little flower {Ok...I hear some of you shouting: "Weed!"} metamorphosis into...

A perfect little fluffy ball of fantastical wonder. Mesmerizing!

All those little parachutes make an amazingly effective seed delivery system. They're almost like nature's version of blowing bubbles!

In making pom poms from plastic grocery bags, I couldn't resist this humorous twist on their use! 

You can get one version of the Plastic Bag Pom Pom Tutorial *here.*

Once you've made the pom poms, just stick them on a skewer. And that's how you make whimsical plastic pom pom Dandelions!

Of course, there is so much more you can make from these pom poms! Like:

Everything's coming up just Dandy!

Come Link Up!!

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Twiggy Nest from Pudding Cup!

The nesting instinct is in full force this spring at I Gotta Create!  The spring nest series continues with this twiggy version. Make these Twiggy Nest Party Bowls for your spring gathering!

Oriole Nest Vase from Plastic Bottle

We're celebrating the Oriole Nest in my Spring Nest Series. We were thrilled when an Oriole built her nest right outside our bedroom window a few years ago. 

Their nests are an amazing work of art to behold. I wish I had snapped photos of it. Instead, here's my human-made version and the tutorial: 

From Plastic Tubes to Spring Nests

Nests. They are deeply symbolic, beautiful and functional. They speak of Spring, birth, nature and renewal. They speak of hearth, home, nurturing, and comfort. Yet they also whisper of growth, flight and taking leave.

Spring is in full bloom here. With Earth Day and Mother's Day around the corner it seems fitting to celebrate with a creative series of Nests. This "tube nest" is a miniature study of the interaction of our own "Nests" and Nature. In our own homes, plastic is everywhere, so I've transformed a plastic tube into a Nest.

Using permanent inks and embossing powders in conjunction with a variety rubber stamps,  I chose a mixture of free flowing images juxtaposed with chicken wire for the back of the tube.

Chenille Ear Bunny Egg Tutorial

This is the tail tale of how to create fuzzy bunny ears from chenille stems for your plastic Easter eggs. You'll have fun coming up with all kinds of uses for these cuties.

They make sweet place cards. You can even put a little after-dinner mint or treasure inside.

PomPoms from Plastic Bags Tutorial

BIG Cheers for these fantastic Pom Poms made from the common plastic grocery bag! There are so many fun ways to use them.

Here's one example. Pom Poms are the perfect topper for colorful party hats.  

Floating Fairy Card Tutorial

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Whether for Valentines or other occasions, for cards that will have them floating on sunshine recycle some of the plastic packaging that surrounds us daily. Stick with me to see how this card turns out!

Have you heard about the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" of plastic swirling in our oceans?  

We currently only recycle 7 percent of the plastic produced. 

And we produce enough plastic yearly to be the equivalent weight of the 7 billion people on earth.