Fresh Perspective

Sometimes moving into a new life space simply means looking at things with a fresh perspective. It can be difficult to get out of a rut of seeing things a certain way.

But part of being creative is learning to play with perspective. This is essential for art and for life. Sharing your point of view and trying to put yourself in someone else’s place to grasp their point of view is foundational in relationships. Sometimes art can help us comprehend ideas like this at a deep, nonverbal level. Here’s an example. You’ve seen those puzzles designed to help you shift perspective: like the one that asks if you see faces or a chalice?

It’s fun to switch your perspective to see each image. When you can see both at the same time, what you experience is somewhat difficult to put into words. “Peace” comes to mind.

Q:  What techniques do you use to see things through “new eyes?”

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